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Advertise on Arcade Game Central

Arcade Game Central is one of the web's premier sites for casual arcade games, featuring the latest casual game news, reviews, and downloads.

Advertise through Google AdWords/AdSense

Arcade Game Central is a member of the Google AdWords/AdSense advertising network. Anyone with a Google AdWords account can place their ad on this site through Google. You can target your ads specifically to our site or advertise here as part of larger campaign targeting many other websites. Your ads can appear for any length of time you wish and can target specific pages of the site if you wish. Google will provide you with detailed statistics and makes it all easy to do through one interface and a single point of contact and billing for your entire campaign. Give it a try!

The following link will take you to Google's "AdSense Direct" site, where you can browse the available inventory and very affordable rates:

Purchase Advertising Here

All ads purchased through AdSense Direct require manual approval for content, quality and appropriateness.

If you have something else in mind, please contact us with a specific proposal.

Advertise Directly

Ads on the Arcade Game Central are sold on a monthly basis. Ad slots include:

  • 468x60 at the top of the page (1)
  • 300x250 in the right sidebar (1)
  • 125x125 in the footer (3)
  • 120x600 in the right sidebar (2)
  • Text Ads in header, footer, or sidebar
  • In-content ads (various sizes)

Ad rates have not been established, and are open to negotiation. Please contact us with your proposals.

You can view detailed demographics and traffic information about the site from Alexa.

Last Update: July 16th, 2014