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Monarch: The Butterfly King

Monarch: The Butterfly KingThe latest game from Reflexive Entertainment, Monarch: The Butterfly King, has just been released. In the new game, you’ll find yourself immersed in a story of magic and adventure as you attempt to stop an evil wizard intent on destroying the butterfly kingdom.

You’ll journey across majestic Celtic ruins, creating potions and harnessing magic in this enchanting match-three game. As you make matches over metal plates, you’ll release hidden ancient energies that The Butterfly King will transform into magic using his Orb of Power. The Butterfly King will use the power to free the butterflies and save the kingdom.

As you complete levels, and the Butterfly King’s power grows, 26 gorgeous and exotic butterflies will be unlocked from their prisons. As each butterfly is freed, a new piece of the story is revealed. Monarch: The Butterfly King includes 150 levels to play through as you help rescue the kidnapped butterflies and determine the fate of the butterfly kingdom.

In addition to the 150 built-in levels, you can also download additional levels from within the game. You can design your own levels using the built-in level editor, and then share your creations online with the world.

Monarch: The Butterfly King also supports the innovative Mouse Party feature. By using additional mice, up to 8 players can simultaneously play together to save the glade, as players create potions and make matches to help the Butterfly King free his kidnapped friends.

Monarch: The Butterfly King is a exciting adventure through an enchanting world of magic and mystery. If you’ve played Reflexive’s earlier Big Kahuna Reef series, this new game will feel comfortably familiar. The gameplay is very similar, but there is an all-new story, as well as completely new graphics and sound. It’s a solid and satisfying game, and due to the downloadable levels, a game with excellent long-term playability.

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