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Plants vs. Zombies Reviews

Plants vs. ZombiesPlants vs. Zombies, a new game from prolific developer PopCap Games, is a humorous action-strategy game in which you find yourself trapped in your house, surrounded by legions of lovably laughable undead zombies!

Your only protection is a variety of mutant garden plants — flowers, vines, trees and other foliage — that have strange, but very useful, zombie-combating powers and abilities.

The game sets out to answer one very important question: Can your vegetable garden really protect you from an army of the undead?

“We love zombie games as much as everyone else, but unlike other undead offerings we wanted to create a zombie game that would appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers alike,” explained George Fan, senior game designer at PopCap. “It’s been great to see both casual and hardcore gamers in our beta test group get totally absorbed in the game, clicking intensely as the zombies chomp on their front yards.”

Featuring five different modes of play, Plants vs. Zombies presents you with a front lawn and encroaching zombies striving to reach your front door and devour your brains. Choose from an ever-increasing assortment of specialized, zombie-battling plants to slow down, confuse, weaken and ultimately destroy the vegetation-munching undead before they can traverse your yard and reach your front door.

To survive, you’ll need to choose your plants carefully, place them strategically, and use your resources wisely — decisions that are key to overcoming more than two dozen different kinds of zombies, each with its own combination of “skills” and behaviors. Additional obstacles and challenges in later levels include the setting of the sun, a creeping fog that obscures part of your view – even a swimming pool that takes up much of your lawn.

Features of Plants vs. Zombies include:

  • Five different modes of play: Adventure, Survival, Puzzle, Zen Garden and Mini-Game Challenges
  • 50 levels in the main Adventure mode and more than 50 more in the other game modes, with limitless replayability
  • More than four dozen plants, from cherry bombs and peashooters to melon-pults, wall-nuts and sunflowers
  • Dozens of different zombie types, including back-from-the-dead miners, businessmen, football players, even a zombie bobsled team!
  • Suburban almanac tracks your progress and provides vital stats on plant and zombie types
  • Crazy Dave’s trunk-o’-the-car shop where you can purchase special “power plants” and other zombie-exterminating tools as well as potted versions for your Zen Garden
  • New fluid animation technology for prettier plants and zippier zombies
  • 14 original musical pieces that dynamically adjust to the intensity of the game in real time
  • So frighteningly fun you’ll soil your plants!

If you haven’t checked out this game yet, do so … it’s a delightfully ghoulish but lighthearted romp that’ll draw you right in and not let go until all the zombies are vanquished!

I can’t recommend this game highly enough … give it a try!

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“Do not miss this game — titles this good don’t come around often.”
“Well worth your time and money... the kind of game you can stick on for either five minutes or five hours.”
PC World
“Plants vs. Zombies is like nothing you’ve ever seen… if you’re up all night with Plants vs. Zombies, it’ll be because you’re having too much fun to stop, not because you’re too rattled to sleep.”
“Two green thumbs up to PopCap's irresistibly charming and challenging game.”
“Plants vs. Zombies reminds you why you play games in the first place, to have fun.”

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