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Poll: Casual Games Are Most Popular Genre

Matt Slagle (Poll: 4 in 10 Play Electronic Games) reports on the results of a recent AP-AOL Games poll: “40 percent of American adults play games on a computer or a console. Casual games like board or card games were the most popular, followed by strategy games, action sports, adventure, first-person shooters and simulations, the poll found. Casual, strategy and role-playing games were most popular among online gamers.”

The poll also found that 41% of all gamers play at least 3-4 hours a week, including 10% who play at least 10 hours a week. Another interesting finding was that more men than women (45% vs. 35%) play computer or video games, and that males are more likely to play computer or video games with other people, while women are more likely to prefer to play games by themselves.

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