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Welcome to the New Arcade Game Central

If this is the first time you've visited this site -- welcome!

But if you've been here before, you'll notice a few changes. Yes, we've redesigned the site again. This is approximately the third major iteration for the site, which launched in 2002, and was refreshed in 2006. So it was due, just in term of aesthetics.

But the changes here are more than skin deep!

The focus of the site has changed from a blog-and-download site, to more of an online games (plus downloads and news). Online games seems to be where the market is moving. With higher-capacity Internet connections, the web now supports higher-quality games, and we'll try to highlight the best ones here on this site.

We'll also focus on online games that you can play for cash and prizes. Of course, everyone loves free games, but many of the online games are even more fun once you add in the elements of completion and (potential) profit. Simply, put, it's more fun to play when something's on the line, whether it's bragging rights or coins!

The download sections have been expanded as well. Now we offer not only PC (Windows) games, but Macintosh games as well. Plus we're hoping to expand into console games and mobile games.

Regardless, the main mission of the site is unchanged -- to help you find the best, most enjoyable arcade gaming experience. Have fun!

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