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Where Are The Games For Seniors?

In an article on CNN’s Game Over column (Whither the gray gamer?), Chris Morris discusses how aging gamers are not being served by the video game market. “The gray gamer is a revenue stream that’s not being tapped”, the article reports, “leaving senior gamers to Web-based games, such as PopCap Games’ Bookworm.” Why is that?

“One of the biggest stumbling blocks is determining what sort of games would engage an older audience. Certainly, there are folks like Barbara St. Hilaire, a 70-year old gaming enthusiast who goes by the nickname “Old Grandma Hardcore” and plays up to 10 hours per day, but the more typical buyer is more likely to only play a few hours per week.”

Morris reports that Nintendo is planning to release two new “Brain Age” titles, targeted at gamers 35 and older, consisting of short mental brain-training challenges. The games have already sold over 1 million units in Japan.

With the aging population in the United States, the number of senior gamers will only rise, so we should certainly begin to see more video games for an older audience. The casual game market is already there, with numerous titles, including the aforementioned Bookword, that while perhaps not designed to appeal to “gray gamers”, are certainly popular with players of all ages. Many of the games on this site would fit that description.

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