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Bejeweled 2 Online Arcade Game

Ready for a match-three made in heaven? Swap gems to create three-in-a-row, and race against the clock to complete as many levels as you can. Plus, get combos of four or five to create special gems that pack an extra, score-boosting punch!

Game Goals

Score as many points as you can by arranging the gems into lines of three (or more) in a row. Use Power Gems and Hyper Gems to score bonus points.

Game Rules

The game begins with an eight-by-eight grid filled with randomly placed gems. Choose two adjacent gems (horizontally or vertically) to switch places on the game board. If the gems swap to create a row of three or more identical gems, the gems disappear and you earn points!

The remaining gems fall down to fill in the resulting empty spots, which can result in additional groups being formed and removed. New gems are always falling in from the top of the screen, to keep the playing area filled with 64 gems at all times.

The groups of three or more gems must be in a row either horizontally or vertically. Diagonal groups do not count, and moves that do not result in the creation of a removable group are not allowed.

If you make a row of four matching gems, one of the pieces will remain on the board as a Power Gem. Use the Power Gem in a combo and watch it blow up all the gems around it. If other Power Gems are caught in the explosion, they will detonate too!

If you create a row of five like-colored gems, one of the pieces will remain in a converted state as a Hyper Gem. When you switch this special gem with another gem, ALL gems of the same color will be removed! For example, switch a Hyper Gem with a red gem and ALL red gems will be removed!

If you ever reach a position in which there are no legal moves, the playing area will be refilled with new gems, and play will continue. There is no scoring penalty for this, but it does cost you some time, and any unused Power Gems will be lost when the grid refills.

You begin each game with three minutes to play. A meter at the bottom of the screen indicates how much time is remaining. When the meter is empty, your time is up and the game ends.


Bejeweled 2 Screenshot
Bejeweled 2, screenshot #1Bejeweled 2, screenshot #2Bejeweled 2, screenshot #3
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Last Update: May 18th, 2014