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Big Money Online Arcade Game

Dollars, dough, dinero, and cold, hard cashola – show us the money! Get rich by collecting as many coins and moneybags as you can. Click on groups of three or more coins to remove them from the gameboard and pump up your score!

Game Rules

Collect as much money as possible before the game's five-minute time limit expires. Left-click on groups of three or more like-colored coins to clear them from the game board. The more adjacent coins you eliminate per click, the better your score will be! Grabbing coins causes the Money Meter on the left side of the game board to rise. But be careful - the level falls if you stop collecting coins! When the Money Meter hits the top, a Moneybag drops from above!

To collect a Moneybag, you must remove the coin it's sitting on. Sometimes this is easy, like if there are already 3 or more like-colored coins under the bag. At other times, however, it can be quite a bit more difficult and you'll need to work at other areas of the board before you can get to it.

To pass each level, you'll need to collect a certain number of Moneybags. The number of bags required for each level is indicated by Moneybag-shaped holes on the left hand side of the screen. Each Moneybag you collect fills in one hole. Fill all the holes to proceed to the next level!

New coins are minted after each move. You can keep tabs on them at the bottom of the screen and strategize accordingly. If a column of coins reaches the top of the screen, you'll get a warning (the coins will flash) and you'll have three seconds to remove enough coins to get back to a safe height. If you can't make a move, your game will end!


Big Money Screenshot
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Last Update: July 16th, 2014