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Blockwerx Online Arcade Game

Break down the wall before it reaches the top! Click on same-colored groups of three or more blocks to remove them from the gameboard. Learn to use incredible special pieces like rockets, rainbow bombs, and The Scrambler!

Game Rules

Blockwerx is played on a 12 by 15 playing area which fills will colored bricks. Some bricks will appear on the board at the start of the game; others will be added as the game progresses.

Bricks are added one at a time to the "staging line" below the playing area. Once this line is filled, the staging line is promoted, raising your wall of bricks by one row.

To remove bricks, just click on any brick which is part of a chain of three or more bricks of the same color. Bricks much touch side-to-side or top-to-bottom; diagonal touching does not form a chain. The larger the chain, the more points you'll get for each brick removed. You also get a point bonus for completely clearing the screen of all bricks.

You get a point penalty for clicking on bricks which are not part of a removable chain, and this penalty escalates if you click rapidly and randomly around the board, so try to click only on valid chains.

If your wall is all the way to the top of the board, and another line gets promoted, you're game ends immediately.

Each time a line is promoted, the number in the Line display goes down by 1. If you survive until the Line number reaches 0, you get a bonus for the unfilled space in your board, and continue to the next level. The speed of the game, and the number of different colored bricks, increases with each level. The game ends after Level 3, even if you survive to the end of the third level.


Blockwerx Screenshot
Blockwerx, screenshot #1Blockwerx, screenshot #2Blockwerx, screenshot #3
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Last Update: July 25th, 2014