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Clue Mystery Match Online Arcade Game

Listen up, detectives! To solve this memory match mystery, flip over the cards and follow the clues... for every match you make, you'll be one step closer to cracking the case. Stay sharp and leave no card unturned!

Game Goals

Welcome to Tudor Mansion! Your host, Mr. Boddy, has met an untimely demise. To find out whodunit, put your memory to use, uncover the facts, and crack the case!

Game Rules

Clue Mystery Match consists of three rounds, during which you must discover the details of Mr. Boddy's murder. In the first round, you uncover the location of the murder; in the second round, you find the murder weapon; and in the final round, you reveal the perpetrator of the crime.

Each round begins with a single card being put into the evidence envelope -- this card represents the murder location, murder weapon, or murderer. Once the evidence has been secured, 25 cards are dealt face down in a 5x5 grid. There are 12 matching pairs; the remaining card matches the one placed into the evidence envelope. The 12 matching pairs consist of four cards for each location, weapon, and suspect. This means there are two pairs of each type to be removed.

Left-click on two cards to flip them over. If the two cards match, they are removed from the game board. If the cards don't match, both cards flip back face-down. The logo on the back of any card you fail to match turns yellow -- this will help you keep track of which cards you've seen.

After a pair of cards is successfully matched and removed, the surrounding cards shift to fill the gaps on the game board. Stay sharp -- the direction cards shift is different in each round and discovering how cards move is just part of the mystery.

To the right of the game board is the "notebook," which shows all possible cards left in play. Finding both pairs of a specific card type removes that card from suspicion.

Each round has a set time limit, so don't dilly-dally! A warning will alert you when there are 10 seconds remaining.


Clue Mystery Match Screenshot
Clue Mystery Match, screenshot #1Clue Mystery Match, screenshot #2Clue Mystery Match, screenshot #3
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Last Update: March 24th, 2014