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Deal or No Deal Online Arcade Game

Deal... or no deal? That's the question in this one-on-one battle with the banker! Unscramble words to bump up your score, but make sure you keep your eye on the clock... think fast or it'll be case closed before you know it!

Game Rules

Each game of Deal or No Deal begins when you select "your case." Throughout the game, the Banker will attempt to buy it back from you. Each time an offer is made, you can accept it, or you can reject the deal to try and get more!

Your score is based on how quickly you complete a set of word scrambles, and this determines the outcome of the tournament.

Once you've chosen your case, the first round of Deal or No Deal begins. In each round, you pick up to six cases to open. When a case is opened, the value it contains is removed from play.

Once all the cases in a round have been opened, the Banker will attempt to buy your case from you. However, before he crunches the numbers, the Banker will give you the opportunity to boost your offer by demonstrating your word-making skills.

Each round will require you to form a certain number of words using the available letters. For a given set of letters, there'll always be more possible words than you need to find. Make enough words with a given set of letters and you'll automatically be presented with a new set of letters.

If you get stumped, don't worry. You can shuffle the letters to get a fresh perspective, or you can pass and move on to the next set of letters... you can always go back and try again later in the round!

An alert will sound when you have 10 seconds left. If time runs out before you make enough words, the round is over. In addition to earning points for each word you find, you also earn points for every second remaining on the clock once you've found enough words, so be quick!

Once you've finished the word scramble, the Banker will make an offer to buy your case. The Banker's offer is based on the average of the remaining case values, scaled in each round, with a bonus based on how successful you were at the preceding word scramble.

If you reject the Banker's offer, the game continues and you choose the next set of cases to remove from play. Once there is only one case remaining, you'll have one last choice: keep your original case, or swap it with the remaining case.

If you accept the Banker's offer at any time, the game's not over; you'll have the opportunity to keep playing and see where the game might have taken you.


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Last Update: June 6th, 2014