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Diner Dash Online Arcade Game

Help Flo make her restaurants the best in town. Keep customers happy by taking orders, serving drinks, clearing dishes, and collecting tips in this multi-tasker's delight. Use power-ups, seating bonuses, and chained actions to score big, but don't let your clientele get too upset or you'll lose their business... and their tips!

Game Rules

As customers arrive in your restaurant, left-click on them with your mouse and drag them to an appropriately-sized table (tables come with 2 or 4 seats). When seating groups of customers, pay attention to which individual group member you picked up, and put your mouse cursor over the seat that you want that particular customer to sit in. The other members of the group will arrange themselves around the table in the same order in which they were standing. Prior to releasing the mouse button, you can move the cursor over different seats at the table to change the seating arrangement.

Note: Be careful not to let go of the left mouse button until you've seated them in the right place. Once they're seated, you cannot move the customers.

Where your customers sit determines the color-coding of the chairs (corresponding to the color of the customer's outfit) and will affect your seating bonus when you seat the next party at that table. If a customer sits on a seat that matches their outfit, you'll get a 100-point bonus, and the bonus goes up with each consecutive match on the same chair!

If customers wait too long, they'll leave, so move quickly to keep the turnover as fast as possible. Try to fill tables rather than allow a single customer to sit at a table for four; that way you'll maximize your score.

When the customers are ready to order, they'll set down their menus and wave. Left-click on their table to pick up their order and then click on the ticket station to drop it off for the chef. A number will appear on the customer's table, corresponding to the order number.

When the customers' meals are ready, they will appear in covered dishes on the counter. Click on the finished meals to pick them up. Corresponding order numbers will tell you where to drop them off, which you can do by merely left-clicking on the appropriate table.

To increase customer satisfaction (indicated by the number of red hearts beneath their tables), serve your customers drinks from the counter. The drink machine will flash when beverages are available. Remember that a drink can be delivered to a customer at any time, except for when they're ready to pay the bill. Also, drinks are always dropped last, so any other action that can be taken (e.g., delivering food) will occur first. Drinks can also be dropped at the bus station without serving them, if you need to clear a hand.


Diner Dash Screenshot
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Last Update: April 23rd, 2014