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Luxor Online Arcade Game

Egypt is under attack by the evil god Set, and it's up to you to stop him! Match the colored spheres to destroy them all before they reach your pyramid. With twenty-six different maps and three difficulty levels, you're in for a serious thrill!

Game Rules

Destroy the colored spheres by using your shooter to create matching groups of three or more. Eliminate them all before they reach your pyramid or the 5 minute time limit runs out. Catch the falling gems to score extra points.

Each game takes place on one of twenty-six different maps. Each map has a path leading to a pyramid. Colored spheres will come rolling down the path in groups of thirty. If they reach the pyramid the game will end, so the objective is to destroy them all before they get there.

Move your shooter along the bottom of the screen, and launch the colored spheres to create groups of three or more matching spheres. When you create a match, the spheres will explode and be removed from the chain. When you create a gap in the chain, it will close up if the spheres on either side match. If new groups of three or more spheres are created, a chain reaction will occur and those spheres will be destroyed as well.

Each set of spheres has a scarab that pushes it along. Once you destroy all the spheres in the set, the scarab will explode and a gem will appear. Catch the gem to earn extra points. However, if you take too long to destroy a set of spheres, another set might collide with it and crush the scarab. If that happens, you won't receive a gem.

If you cause three explosions in a row (either by shooting or with a chain reaction) then a power-up will appear. Catch the power-ups for a variety of cool effects.

To finish the game successfully, you will need to destroy six sets of spheres. A scarab indicator at the bottom of the screen will show you how many sets have entered play. Once you finish all six, you will receive a bonus based on how much distance you had remaining on the path and a second bonus for how much time you had remaining on the clock.


Luxor Screenshot
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Last Update: April 23rd, 2014