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Scrabble Cubes Online Arcade Game

Form words by linking adjoining letters in this three-dimensional take on everybody's favorite board game. If smart planning and a great vocabulary are your strong suits, you're on your way to Scrabble Cubes stardom!

Game Rules

Form words by connecting letters across the surface of the ever-changing pile of cubes. Use long words and bonus cubes to score as many points as possible before time runs out.

In order to connect, each letter must touch the face of the previous letter at either an edge or a corner. Your words can wrap around the side of the pile. No individual cube face can be used more than once in a given word.

Words must contain at least three letters and may not be more than seven letters long.

Only words in the official SCRABBLE Tournament Word List are permitted. The same restrictions used in SCRABBLE and other word games apply - no foreign words, no proper nouns, no abbreviations, no slang, etc. You may only submit a particular word once per game, but you are free to submit plurals and other variants of the word.

All words are validated in real-time by the game's dictionary. Any invalid words will be rejected, and no points will be awarded. There is no scoring penalty for making invalid words, but they do waste valuable time on the clock. Furthermore, cubes used to make invalid words count as being used.

The game begins with 27 cubes, and each cube may be used up to three times in the course of the game. A cube is considered used once when one, two or three of its letters are used to make a word. After the second time a cube is used, the letters on the cube will turn red. When a red-lettered cube is then used again, it is removed from the board, possibly revealing other cubes behind it. Any cubes directly above a removed cube will fall downward to fill in the board.

If a letter is only partially revealed by the removal of a cube, you cannot use it to form words; you must wait until it is fully revealed. Letters that are only partially revealed will be darkened to show that they cannot be used yet.


Scrabble Cubes Screenshot
Scrabble Cubes, screenshot #1Scrabble Cubes, screenshot #2Scrabble Cubes, screenshot #3
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Last Update: April 2nd, 2014