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Spades Online Arcade Game

Play this card game classic with an AI partner and two AI opponents, then pit your results against your human competitor, who's playing with the same shuffles. Bid well, and play your cards smartly!

Game Goals

Correctly predict how many tricks you will take, and then try to take exactly that many. Be the first team to reach 250 points.

In Spades, you will be playing against three computer-controlled opponents. You control the player at the bottom of the table and are partnered with the player across from you; the players to your left and right are partnered with each other.

If you have played Spades before, either on a computer or in the real world, there are just a few differences about this version of Spades that you need to know before playing:

  • The winner is the first team to reach 250 points.
  • NIL bids are worth +75 points if you make them, or -75 if you fail.
  • The "bag back" penalty occurs at 5 bags, and gives 50 points to the opposing team.

Game Rules

Each game is composed of a series of deals, or rounds. Each round consists of 13 tricks, in which each player plays one card.

You begin each round by making a bid, based on how many tricks you think you will take with your hand. Bet "NIL" if you think you can avoid taking any tricks. Your team scores points if you make your bid, but loses points if you fail to make your bid.

Once the bidding is complete, a card is led. Your partner leads the first round, the player to your right leads the second, you lead the third, and the player to your left leads the fourth. After that, the cycle repeats.

You must play a card of the suit that was led, if you have it. If not, you can play any card in your hand. Spades are a "trump" suit - if a trick includes a Spade, the highest Spade played takes the trick. If the trick does not include a Spade, the highest card in the suit that was led takes the trick. (The Ace is the highest card in each suit, the 2 is the lowest.)

The player who takes the trick leads the first card of the next trick. No player may lead a Spade until Spades have been broken (that is, a Spade has been played on a trick in which Spades wasn't led).

You have 10 minutes to complete each game of Spades. As soon as the clock reaches 0:00, the game ends, even if neither team has reached 250 points.


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Last Update: February 18th, 2014