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Twister Bounce Shot Online Arcade Game

Tied up? Unwind with TWISTER Bounce Shot! All the fun of the classic game in a color-coded match-three shootout!

Game Goals

Tied up in knots? Untangle with TWISTER It's all the fun of the classic game in a color-coded match-three shootout, complete with a spinning game board and 360-degree action! Keep your aim sharp and blast your way to victory!

Game Rules

TWISTER begins with a group of Twister circles spinning slowly in the center of the game board. Shoot different-colored circles towards the center and make a match of three or more to score points. Score points for each circle removed from the center. Try not to be too haphazard, since you only score points for clearing the solid color circles that were in the center at the start of the level. And don't take too long -- you only have four minutes to rack up the points. A warning will sound when you have 10 seconds left.

To aim the shooter, just move your mouse. Left-click to shoot a circle; your shot will be the same color as the shooter. (You CAN try bank shots off of the walls... we'll talk more about this later.) If you match three or more, matching circles up to two spaces away from the point of the match will be removed. If any circles are left disconnected from the center, these orphans will fall away, earning you more points!

Here's the twist... when your circle hits the center, the group in the middle will start spinning based on the direction and angle of the shot!

Don't have a good angle? Hit the space bar to move the shooter clockwise to the next wall. Don't like the shooter's color? Just right-click to swap colors with the next in line. The next four shots are queued up beside the shooter. (NOTE: You won't be able to just cycle through colors until you find the one you want; you can only flip back and forth between the next color in line.)

Be careful not to let the group of circles grow too big. If it hits the edge of the game board, some of the circles will be destroyed. You won't earn any points for these circles. If you manage to clear all the circles in the mass, don't worry, a new batch will appear at the current level's original size.


Twister Bounce Shot Screenshot
Twister Bounce Shot, screenshot #1Twister Bounce Shot, screenshot #2Twister Bounce Shot, screenshot #3
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Last Update: November 11th, 2014