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Word Mojo Online Arcade Game

Word Mojo is a fast-paced word game where you use your letter tiles to build intersecting words. Use the special colored spaces to collect letters, which you'll use to anagram during the final Mega Mojo round!

Game Rules

Each game will consist of 6 sets of 7 letters, which appear in the letter bin at the bottom of the screen. Use them to form English words in the grid. Words must be at least 3 letters, but not more than 6 letters. Proper nouns and abbreviations are not permitted. It is okay to make the same word more than once.

Your first word can be placed anywhere in the grid. Thereafter, additional words must intersect existing words in the grid. All tiles placed must form valid words both horizontally and vertically. Letters cannot be placed on top of other letters.

When you place a letter tile on the grid, any word formed will be checked against the dictionary. If you create a valid word, the letters of that word will flash, and your score will go up accordingly.

Until you press the Submit button, any letters that are part of the current set of letters can be moved around the grid or taken off the grid. When you press the Submit button:

  • Any letters remaining in your letter bin will be removed.
  • Any letters you have placed in the grid which do not form valid words will be removed.
  • The rest of the letters from that set will be locked into place.
  • Any letters from the set which have been placed on the special color squares will be added to the group of letters to the left of the grid, and used during the Mega Mojo bonus round.

You start the game with 180 seconds on the clock. If the clock reaches 0 before you have finished your 6th set, the game acts as if you had pressed the Submit button for the current set. A warning tone plays when you reach 20 seconds left, and warning music plays for the final 10 seconds.


Word Mojo Screenshot
Word Mojo, screenshot #1Word Mojo, screenshot #2Word Mojo, screenshot #3
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Last Update: April 2nd, 2014